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Today, October 13, 2016 marks the anniversary of many things.

Oct. 13, 2012 – My husband and I returned from our New York trip where we experienced our most memorable miscarriage and my best “God Please Clean My Room” reading.

October 13, 2014 – I shared our full testimony in a blog about our miscarriages & God’s promises fulfilled, 10 days after the birth of our son, Justice.

Read about it here: https://valencyathompson.wordpress.com/2014/10/13/our-little-mm-the-story-behind-baby-jets-red-onesie-hope-for-couples-who-desire-children/

It dawned on me recently that it is time to share the rest of our story. God blessed us with the precious gift of our daughter, Broughton Marie Thompson, 6 weeks and 1 day ago!

Yes, God gave us two. And if you happen to be waiting on a promise from God, it is my belief that God can and will do the same for you.

Trust me, I know firsthand that the waiting game is no fun. Especially when we are accustomed to being disappointed by fellow human beings, but it is important that we remember God’s Word tells us that God cannot lie (Numbers 23:19).

I don’t know, maybe we worry of looking foolish when we dare to believe in a prophecy from God being fulfilled. Or could it be that we have a problem relinquishing control because we wouldn’t dare trust someone else to do “it” (whatever it is you desire), even if that someone else is God.

Truth be told, someone is literally thinking, “yeah right, me trust in this God that I cannot see, touch, or hear to fix this thing for me? I’d have to be out of my mind.”

And see that’s just it, God does want to be visible, God does want you to feel God’s presence, and God wants you to hear when God speaks.

I dare ask, “but are you listening?” This is a very serious question. I came to the recent realization that God has answered everyone of my prayers (according to God’s divine will for my life) in God’s time (there’s that phrase we love to hate when in wait). So let me rephrase, God literally gives me what I ask for once I calm down. In other words, once I stop making an idol out of it.

Yes, as I gaze into my beautiful newborn’s eyes currently, I can distinctly recall when she felt like a dream deferred. Something I imagined. Yet, I grew to understand that her delay was so that God could get all of the Glory and not any person, not even my husband or myself. Not even those who prophesied about my daughter, not knowing I was carrying my son in my womb at the time.

And because I didn’t idolize any longer, I am able to cherish God’s gifts on those especially hard days when the newborn hollers while the toddler has a meltdown.

Because God created my husband and I, he knew at what time we would be well equipped to raise God’s children. Because God considers generations of people, God knew what time period (season) my children were to be born in to live their best lives according to God’s design. And contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t when we had the most money in our bank account or were the most “secure” according to human standards. Literally, it would be when we agreed to fully trust God, to walk by faith – as in pitch darkness while holding God’s hand, believing God wouldn’t drop us even if we were afraid the entire time.

Trust God. I’m praying for you. God loves you and God knows exactly what God is doing. Trust the process.

Be Blessed!

A Prayer for Those in “Wait”:

Father God:

First, I thank you for all that I have; though it is difficult some days to trust you know what’s best for me through the countless tears I’ve cried while waiting on my promise from you to be fulfilled.

Dear God, I ask that you help me to process what you deem necessary as I strive to navigate my way through the pain I feel. I cannot see my way out of it at times so God help me believe! God heal me and heal my spouse. Comfort me and comfort my spouse. Show me what is practical to do as I wait on my spiritual breakthrough from you. Help me to be happy when others are seemingly blessed with what I’ve requested first and help me to know when to sit things out so I may properly grieve. Help me to rest in grief and allow it to do its  thing in healthy ways.

Thank you for sending help. Thank you for your grace, your mercy, and your peace.

In Jesus’ name I pray,


Girls > Sex Post: A Restored Woman’s Story!

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The following narrative was shared by an anonymous interviewee.  It is our prayer that her honesty might provide hope and help to those of us who may need it.  This is her story.

I was dating a terrible guy while in college. Well one day, I chose to walk him to his room, expecting to just hang out again.

I felt God speaking to me, “Do not go.”

And I said, well why not?

God repeated, “Do not go.”

I mean this is a nice guy, he’s involved in the church.

It was in this moment that I made a conscious decision that I was going.

God was just like, I forgot the words exactly, but it was basically like “If you go then you’re gonna lose something.”

I was just like, “oh well” and I just kept going.

It was during this visit that I was sexually assaulted. Afterwards I found myself going into a downward spiral similar to what I experienced post another prior traumatic incident in my life. I felt like at that point, I lost a part of myself. It was like a part of me died. I was grieving in a weird way. I didn’t go to class. I just stayed in my room and cried. I didn’t eat or anything like that. A lot of my friends didn’t know what was wrong with me. 

Then one day I remembered being sick of being at that point. I was like, “God I need something to change!”

At that time it robbed me of my self-esteem, my purpose. I felt dirty, I felt low, – just all around wrong.  I went on a fast and I was like Lord, I need you to eliminate any soul-ties, take away this brokenness. I think at this point I was contemplating suicide – it was just really a low, low, time in my life. 

It was on a New Year’s Day that I spent the night at a friend’s house and generated a list of all the things I would like in a man. I wrote it down, I prayed over it, and then I just left it alone. My friend was the only one who knew about it and she helped me through it. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this woman’s story. It is our prayer that if you are able to relate you might find your own ways to cope, heal, and seek the help that you need.

Oh yeah, she is now with the man that loves her dearly and there is no doubt that God designed him just for her!

Be Healed & Blessed!



My husband, Jerrell Thompson, can confirm the sheer horror I woke up in last night due to the dreams I had. Please take heed and read below. This may just be for you.

*WARNING: Very Graphic Adult Content

Last night I had a dream – very vivid.
I went to a place with someone (it was hard to tell whether it was residential or commercial). I say this because outside the architectural design was mostly comprised of glass and reminded me of a huge corporate tower something like a bank would have.

There was a group of random people gathered together in this huge open room doing all sorts of vile things. It is important to note that the room was designed in a manner that suggested a lot of money was put into building it. Despite this it looked disgusting because of the people gathered about and I can imagine a stench.

There was even a naked man squirting bloody semen from his person aiming for different sections around the room. It was as though he thought it was glorious. He was so much under the influence of something that he seemed zombie-like.

As a matter of fact most of the people there, with the exception of myself, didn’t seem to mind the man. All the while I am running around trying to dodge this man’s aim; while searching for something in this room.

You see the people gathered there had gifts and talents that were compiled on CD-ROMs (use your imagination) and all while they were in – tox- i – ca – t- ed there were thieves robbing them of their gifts.

I was there because someone I loved was, and I came to take their gift before it was stolen to protect it.

I eventually ran out with a group of others, as our lives were in danger.
The dream concluded with me sitting at a table next to who I thought were allies, pulling out the CD-ROM to show the gift I saved.

I soon realized from their grins that they were not friends – and had planned an attack on the gift I possessed for safe-keeping.


You have gifts, talents, and an intended purpose to fulfill all created by God. Everytime you get intoxicated by the things of this world (i.e., drugs, alcohol, sexual sin, being someone you’re not, avoiding your purpose, hiding your gifts and talents, lying, conniving, manipulating, etc.) you are at risk for your gifts being stolen by the enemy and his camp. Yes, stolen (you don’t/won’t operate in them; you don’t practice them so they get rusty, and, or you become so distracted -(a tactic of the devil) by menial things that you never use them for their intended purpose that God birthed them inside of you for using. The worst part is that they can become perverted and used in a dark way for the other side; hence the disgusting image of the man squirting (what he thought was glorious semen, but was mostly blood instead because he was sick and toxic, but didn’t know it). It is important to note that semen obviously represents life, but this man had none to give because he was infected with something – the terrible part is that he had no clue because he was under severe influence.

My positioning in the dream is to remind us of how Christ is ever-fighting for us, but we must remember the free – will we have been given to make a choice. You are strongly urged to choose a side today.

God is calling out to you. This is your warning.

~Valencya Thompson
Owner of Write The Vision Creative  (TM), LLC

Panty Raid


“Panty Raid”

In popculture there are many movies where guys are shown trying to invade the private bedrooms of girls to “steal their panties” from their underwear drawers.  To be perfectly honest,  I have even heard my husband and his college buddies discuss such festivities actually going on while they were freshmen in school. Don’t be deceived this has been going on as far back as the 50’s and perhaps even earlier on American campuses at least.

Back to the movies, many of the genre that I am referring to target teen audiences and it is despicable.

Well they are just trying to make money and I totally get it because apparently we are watching.

So where do we fit in and what does this mean for us Believers? Well, I thought you’d never ask.

Before I answer that question,  there are even movies across time that show “nerd” populations – you know the corny guy – smart, virgin,  and projected as a loser out of touch with mainstream society (which is simply not so) participating in said “raids”. I mean you don’t have to be lame or “uncool” because you value your body as a temple or you know your worth, but someone in Hollywood is paying top dollar to make you ingest this lie.

Parents be sure to educate your youth, as a matter of fact do a child you love a favor and share this blog post with them.

Oh and if you are praying that your baby hasn’t been exposed to sex, think again because they were dry humping in elementary school when I was there – so you should be able to imagine what happens now.

Don’t misunderstand my message,  no all kids aren’t physically sexualized at young ages, but you better believe that most have been exposed to it. If not directly by you, then indirectly by you through movies, tv, & social media they are allowed to experience or by friends or other peers at school!

So I have a question for girls young and old out there: if your actual life was depicted on the movie screen would you have the panties that “the nerds” would even attempt to steal or would they already be circulating the campus in vast quantities?

Yeah this post is a tough cookie,  but I promise God loves you so much that he woke me smack out of bed to get this message to you!

Well I pray that you have the kind of panties that the boys will go to great lengths to capture – I mean jump behind the security desk of an all – female dorm with security chasing after them and once captured they are quickly zip locked and sold on ebay to the highest bidder!

Why go through such lengths for you or your clothing, you may ask? Because no man or woman has ever known your essence so to even be near your unmentionables should be remarkable in our pop culture world!

For what you have, My Dear is valued to be more precious than rubies or pearls which are something even modern girls can relate to!

See Proverbs 31:10 AMP
“10 A capable, intelligent, and virtuous woman—who is he who can find her? She is far more precious than jewels and her value is far above rubies or pearls.”

Still don’t know?

Read Proverbs 3:15 AMP

“15 Skillful and godly [a]Wisdom is more precious than rubies; and nothing you can wish for is to be compared to her.”

Yes Sister,  Daughter, Mother, Friend what you have in between those ears will take you far more places than what you have in between those legs.

Because both mind and body are a part of the essence which make you a woman, all parts of you are valuable and is confirmed in the scripture references featured above.

Now about that spirit…take some time to know God and allow the Holy Spirit’s presence to connect with yours. It is never too late, no matter what you have done in your past,  God is always there and is simply waiting with outstretched hands.

Reach out and grab them already!

God’s Blessings and Peace to You My Friends!

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I wanted to wear the white watch today featured in the image above, but as I attempted to snap the latch on the band to secure it on my wrist the watch slipped off.

Once the watch crashed down to the floor with a loud bang, I reached down to retrieve the watch from the floor only to discover the glass shattered on its face.

I chuckled to myself and thought, “oh well I guess God doesn’t want me to wear that watch today”. So I reached over to grab another watch and laughed more once I realized that the replacement watch was much more valuable than the broken watch.

The old me would have been upset no matter how little the broken watch was worth because historically I have become attached to “things”.

Well in this instance I thought,  “what a powerful metaphor?”

How often could it be that God wants to give us an “upgrade” in life, but we refuse to take it simply because we desire to cling to something old/someone bad due to it (he/she) being familiar to us?

Bear in mind,  this comfort or security in this old or bad thing or person has no connection to its value or worth – even though we may regard it as something valuable.

So the next time you choose to hold on to something or someone simply because it, he, or she is familiar to you, consider that God cannot bless you (give you an upgrade) until you disconnect from the old.
Reminds me of wireless phone service ; )

Be Blessed and know that you can do this like all things in God’s strength! See Philippians 4:13.

Protection through the Fiery Furnace!


I have been really pensive lately. Especially when trying to trust God despite adverse circumstances. Well God being God has a way of bringing things back to our remembrance to help us remember where God brought us from and to reflect on God’s grace and mercy.

When I was in pre-school or Kindergarten, I distinctly recall being afraid and fearful usually of some fictitious “boogie monster”. Well being  two years older than he – I often passed my fears onto my brother.

One night in particular, my brother and I were pretty riled up into our fears so much until I conjured up a recipe to keep us from this dreadful “boogie man”!

I told my brother that he should sleep in my room as the first step to keep the “boogie man”away. I, then, suggested that we keep the lamp on because light was the next line of defense.  Following,  I decided that we would have more light if we removed the shade and finally for ultimate protection,  it was necessary for us to put the shade-less lamp in the bed with us.

Well, that light bulb lying on our pillow in bed next to us caught fire while we were sleeping. The way this particular home was designed our bedrooms were on the complete opposite side of the house – we were separated from our parents’ master bedroom by a hallway, family room, and kitchen.

I recall being awake the next morning seated at my mother’s feet as she gently cut the singed pieces of hair from my head. My father was in the background saying that he came to check on my brother and I in the middle of the night out of routine.  Once he opened my bedroom door he saw my brother nestled in the corner of the bed lying against the wall, while I was lying on the pillow which was in flames.

It wasn’t until God brought this incident to remembrance the other day that I realized the significance of neither of us feeling the heat from the fire.

The miracle of walking away from the fire unscathed would have been more than enough, but our God being a God of overflow made it so that we slept peacefully through that terrible incident with no awareness of any danger.

As a matter of fact, God provided the biblical reference of Daniel 3 with the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego being not only thrown into the fiery furnance, living through it without one hair being singed, but an entire kingdom was converted & the three men were also rewarded by the king!

God’s providing this story as a reference makes me think about my own life as a living testimony and how this example is one of many about how my God has rescued me! I am more than happy to shout it from the rooftop about God’s goodness & mercy as I know full – well about it! Hallelujah,  my God is worthy to be praised!

If you don’t know Jesus,  do set up an appointment to meet Him today! I promise you will not be disappointed – as He provides a way for us all to get to The Father (God) and without Jesus and calvary we would all probably still have to offer living sacrifices at the altar.

Thank God for grace.

Blessings to You My Friends!

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What Should You Turn Off at the End of the Night?

Mind - on off image

I was watching “Family Feud” the other day, hosted by Steve Harvey (hilarious I know).  Either way, one response to a question stuck with me.  The question was, “What do you turn off at the end of the night?”  Most responses were as expected, “the lights” or “your TV”, “cell phone”, etc.

Then one woman responded, “Your Mind!”  This really struck me and I was thinking, surely this would not be on the board, but I was wrong.  I, then, began to think to myself, “Well, does my mind turn off at the end of the night?” “I don’t think it does.” “Well sometimes the Holy Spirit speaks to me at night, but wait a minute that’s different – as a matter of fact it could be an excuse”.  Let me explain.

While my Heavenly Father (how I refer to God) does give me revelation while I am sleeping and even wakes me at times, I knew that this was a completely separate issue.  As a matter of fact, I know that I have been victim to many rambling thoughts, so-called “planning for my next day”, but you know – all too soon, this alleged planning turns into worry and this, my friends, is not of God ( see Matthew 6: 25-34)!

God then, provided me with a visual image – as you can see, I attempted to draw it above.

This image displayed a box labeled as “mind” and this box featured a dial that could be switched from “on” to “off”. Many of you may be familiar with a phrase I have coined, “Your mind is a tool for you to use, not for you to be used by it.”  Well this phrase was revealed to me by God some time back and to this point here is something we should think about.  Tools provide the greatest benefit when the owner possesses knowledge on how to use them effectively; otherwise, they can feel “useless” or worse “detrimental”.

God allowed me to experience a series of negative thoughts, so salient, that I recognized them immediately!  I called my mind out on them, commanded my mind to stop thinking them, and shut my mind off so that I could rest.

Now if you are a creative person like me, you know that our synapses are often firing off new charges that provide outbursts of ideas so you’re thinking, “How can we possibly turn our minds off?” Well God’s response is: “Think Positive Thoughts.”  So off can equate to complete stillness/quietness/rest or it can mean think positive thoughts.

For a creative person (really we all were designed to be ; ), this means you get to imagine Your BEST LIFE, Your BEST YOU, and slip off to slumberland with thoughts of sugar plums and candy canes (well maybe not so much, but you get my gist).

So this is our order from God to regain control of our hijacked minds when we rest tonight and every other night: rest, turn your mind off, & think positive thoughts if you can’t be still; all while knowing, God’s got it all under control.

Be Blessed My Friends!