Bare necessities: No heat? Warm it up!

Thoughts from 2/13/12 – This morning when Jerrell and I jumped into the car we soon learned that the heat went out.  Frustrated, Jerrell asked for the window scraper, which I couldn’t find, and he then quickly dashed to get a warm bucket of water to melt the ice.  It was cold in the car, but I thank God, it wasn’t as cold as Saturday…reportedly the coldest day Georgia has seen in ages.

In my discomfort, my mind immediately reflected on the homeless population. Here in Atlanta, I have seen a growing number of African Americans forced to live on the downtown streets.  This is undoubtedly a culmination of any of the following: hard life, bad economy, mental illness, physical disability, displaced veteran, and, or drug/alcohol addiction.  Hard facts I know.  What is anyone doing about it?  I can think of a few missions and causes that address the needs of the homeless locally.  Some of these organizations include Hosea Feed The Hungry, and one organization whose leadership I know personally, Innovation Church (  The brainchild of Rev. Terence and Mrs. Cecilia Lester, Innovation Church – currently operates out of the couple’s home, yet they provide more “Heat for the Streets” (recent project where they fed and provided other resources to the homeless population) than most.  Keep your eye on this budding church during its planting season and beyond…I promise it’s a movement you don’t want to miss.
       As for the temperature in the car, I warmed it up with praise ; )

   ~God Bless


3 responses to “Bare necessities: No heat? Warm it up!

  1. Powerful post… definitely a mind opener. Ohh, and congrats on stepping out there with your new blog!!! I will be here everyday. LOL

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