Who’s Your Opponent?

“Who’s the judge?”

“The judge is God.”

“Why is He God?”

“Because He decides who wins or loses, not my opponent.”

“Who’s your opponent?”

“He doesn’t exist?”

“Why doesn’t he exist?”

“Because he’s a mere dissenting voice to the truth that I speak?”

~ The Great Debaters

This quote is one of my favorites, featured in the movie, The Great Debaters.  Denzel Washington and Forest Whitaker were a part of the movie’s cast, which was released in 2007,  if my memory serves me right ; ).  Every once in a while, I enjoy snuggling up with my blanket, and watching a good movie that tells a story of overcomers.  “Overcomers of what,” you may ask?  I say, “overcomers of anything”!  Despite the many differences we battle over in society, we can all respect a story of those who survive… with excellence, against all odds.

I particularly enjoy the story of The Great Debaters, because it represents a positive image of my people during a time of racial segregation in the United States.  This is a story of scholarship and faith in God.  I believe it is a story that many can be inspired by, no matter what their ethnic make-up, social economic status, or current religion may be.  We all can be inspired because we all can relate.  As my former professor, Dr. Brian Dew, once said, “to be human, is to be relatable,”.  We all have feelings, emotions, wants, fears, needs, and desires.  Our sociological foundations and spirituality is what drives those entities.  I ask, “What drives you?”

Some have been driven by pure rage,   and I can attest that will get you no where, but with a stumped toe at the foot of your bed real fast. ; )

Some are driven by passion.  Passion can be beautiful or ugly depending on how you channel it.  If you use passion to justify doing injustices to your brethren, especially in the name of Our Father, then, you my friend have just wandered into some pretty ugly territory.  If you, instead, use passion to love, especially those who need it most, then you might just be on the right track.

Don’t allow negative thoughts to penetrate your mind, and jeopardize the power and authority that God has given you.  It’s so easy to give up…don’t do it.  So what… people are talking about you…or so you think. So what… your past isn’t perfect.  Show me one man in history, other than Christ, who was perfect.

Loral Langemeier, the millionaire maker, once said,

 “If you can’t go back, you must go forward. If you must go

 forward, then failure is not an option. If failure is not an

option, then you must succeed!”

Which direction will you go in today?
As you press towards the mark, remember who the judge is, and who your opponent is.

Realizing both, you should rest assured in knowing that you have already won, if you run the race that God has set for you and you alone.

Ready? On your mark, get set, go!


One response to “Who’s Your Opponent?

  1. Very well put my friend. I couldn’t agree with you more. Once I realized my whole purpose in life is to please God, my focus became sharp and my goal clear. If God be for me, who can be against me?!

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