A story about a Saab…

Anyone who is close to me knows my car story – that since I have set my foot behind the wheel of a car, I have been plagued with car troubles. Being that I’m a full-time student, my husband and I make it a point to get our vehicles fully serviced during refund check season ; ) We always ask to have everything taken care of (while we have the money) – yet it never ceases to amaze me that we always end up having to return right back to the repair shop the same week. We turn around because either…

the original problem returns or something new breaks/goes wrong.

Well during the present car trouble season, my husband’s truck has been cutting off, so we got the alternator replaced. Wouldn’t you know that thing starting cutting off again? Then we got some reprogramming done…
Yep, you guessed it, truck still cuts off.

I know what you’re thinking, we need a new mechanic!

Well we’ve been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt my friends!

In spite of our efforts, we still experience what my professor, Dr. Kruger coined as, ” bad car karma”.
Those of you who know the optimistic believer in me know that I did not want to receive those words.
Those of you who know the wit in me know that I liked the sound of those words- summarizing my automobile woes in lieu of a long-winded story (shocking I know ; ).

Either way, Jerrell and I have been riding together in my Saab (just got her in November – story for another day) and it has been an adventure of its own. Well those adventures came to a halt (temporarily) this morning.

Why? Good question.

Here’s a story about a dog named Max.

Max is our 1 year, 2 month – old Boxer who is as cute as can be, but a rascal nonetheless. Sometime this weekend while I was folding laundry and Jerrell was editing photos, Max was left to his own devices. Jerrell assumed that I was watching Max, and I assumed the opposite…well we all know what “they say” about assuming ; )
Back to this story that is so funny and so sad at the same time that you will want to cry from laughing or cry because you can feel our pain. All the while Jerrell and I were making these assumptions, Max was curled up on our bed (where he is not allowed) going to town on my key. For those of you who need a translation, Max was chewing my key to pieces (at least that’s what it felt like). When I discovered Max, I immediately ran to the front with the key and asked Jerrell if he knew where the dog was. After stating the obvious, Jerrell assured me that the key had separated before, and I shouldn’t worry.

Some of you might not get what the fuss is about with this key…well let me show you:

                                                                                20120221-142237.jpg  20120221-142845.jpg


I have to laugh to keep from crying. ) :

Time for a little Saab education- if you still don’t understand what the big fuss is all about. Saab was bought out by GM, some years back, and GM recently went bankrupt (though they appear to have had great profit success over the past year). With this being said, I attempted to order a spare key for my new car when I purchased it in November, only to be informed that there was a back order for several months, and I couldn’t even make a request.

Do what?!

Fast-fwd back to this morning: Jerrell puts on his superman strong and pumps up the flat tire on his Tahoe with a bike pump …oh yeah I left out the flat tire. Somehow, by the grace of God, we made it to Jerrell’s job with no car cut-offs.

I immediately head to Discount Tires (who removes a screw?) And plugs the tire for free!


I, then, get to internship, frantic that my supervisor is gonna be fed up with the hang-ups in Valencya’s so-called life. I am greeted by a teacher who blessed me with a word last week, who now showers me with birthday gifts, and a supervisor who showers me with compassion and understanding. Patrick (supervisor) even shares a word of encouragement about his woes of scraping up change as a struggling intern to get a bean burrito, only for it to be eaten by his dog. Lol! How sweet! Me, being the softy that I am, smile in efforts to camouflage the tears that are seeping out of my right eye.

My Aunt Yvette calls (always at the right time- I swear God keeps this woman on speed-dial!) and encourages me.

And what do you know…I also got my girl scout cookies back today!


Happy Camper Indeed ; )

What is all of this partial venting and random mono/virtual dialogue about anyway?

In the midst of a minor breakdown, because of a culmination of little things, God’s light still manages to shine through ; )

Did I mention my Sweetie, Jerrell blessed me with the greatest prayer this morning in the car during my brief moment of “hysteria”? Luckily my uterus found its original home again, and all is right in my world (confused? research the origin of the word hysteria ; )

Love to love you and remember everything’s going to be alright!


2 responses to “A story about a Saab…

  1. You are truly blessed and a blessing. Your also hysterical. I can’t wait for the stories when you and Jerrell have kids!!!! Hilarious.

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