God is able, He won’t fail.

In a season when many people find themselves at a closing point in their lives, it is important to keep yourself grounded and hold fast to your beliefs.

The closing of a life-chapter can be a scary and tumultuous time, if you allow it to be. Once accustomed to a particular practice or way of doing things it can be hard to transition, especially when you have no idea of where you’re transitioning to next.

I like to think of these times as Faith examinations by God. If we would take a moment to reflect and be honest, we can say that we’ve all been there/here before. Now whether or not you recognize your test for being just that…a test, depends on where you are on your life’s journey.

During my time on this earth, I have come in contact with all types of people. This makes life very interesting. People who have internal locus of control ( I control what happens to me) and external locus of control (things just happen to me) as referenced in psychology. As a believer of Christ – I would pose myself as having protected inner locus of control.. I define this as using the free will that God has given me to choose to allow His arms of protection to guide me on my daily walk. Nothing is just happening to me, I am purposed by the only true and risen savior to do His will on earth. As a result, amongst God’s blessings, I have and will experience spiritual attacks from the enemy: Satan. I am confident in knowing that he cannot touch me.

Though a thousand fall at your side, though ten thousand are dying around you, these evils will not touch you.

(Psalm 91:7). Whew that’s heavy and to early faith-walkers a little frightening. I encourage you to fear not because God is with you (See Psalm 23 – I’m trusting you already know it; believers and the yet to decide– it’s made several movie debuts ; )

Well I digress, so back to business – The devil’s infamy is based upon his tactical ability to provide illusions for you to focus on in efforts to distract you from the will of God for your life. Once you realize the definition of illusion: sensory distortion, you will understand that none of the seeds the enemy plants are real. Your response to these illusions, is what becomes real in your life. So, don’t fall for the suckerpunch! Be alert at all times.

Ask The Lord what you may do for Him today, and allow Him to worry about the rest.

Remember that you can only be responsible for the words that come out of your own mouth no matter what someone else says or does to you.

Most importantly, don’t allow the ups & downs of life to impair your better judgement because…

God is able and He won’t fail.


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