Checked Out?

Why is it that when we’ve almost reached the finish line after a long journey…we feel the urge to give up? 

 There are but a few warriors who actually have what it takes to push through and actually meet the mark. 

It seems as though no matter how much you have worked to develop and maintain your stamina to endure a long race, it is that last quarter of the way to the finish line that appears to be the most difficult to push through. 

Your breath becomes even more difficult to catch – as though the air is thinning.  The sweat beading off of your forehead is pouring into your eyes.  You can feel the burn – it is as intense as ever.   Things that are small and you used to look right over, now coupled with some other small things…are trying to break you.

 Oh if only, I could just quit! I mean I’ve come so far….it’s like that old Gospel Great by Lee Williams and The Spiritual QC’s “I Can’t Give Up”.  You know the song. 

The lyrics go: “I’ve come too far to turn around.”  One of my favorite parts is the vamp that goes, “I see hills, hill, and mo’ hill, and mo’ hill, and mo’ hill, and mo’ hill that are already waiting on me, make me feel like I wanna just fold my arms – sitdown somewhere and just moan…but then when I begin to take inventory over my life turn around and look back and  I see all the hills, I see all the mountains, and the valleys, God has already brought me over that  makes me know so I steal away, look up, and tell the Lord…I’ve come too far.” 

Praise God!  I had to listen to this song this morning.  Because Lord knows it looks like there are “too many rocks on these hills”, seem like when I turn to my right side, I find trouble…and then I turned to my left side…find out somebody’s sick, somebody’s in the hospital, somebody done passed and gone on.”

It feels like this sometime, but it is important to remember why you started this journey in the first place. 

Remember what God has called you to accomplish.  Think about the dreams that He has laid on your heart…there is someone coming after you who is depending on you. 

So you can’t check out!  You can’t give up now!  If you need to rest…take a small break, but don’t you dare give up. 

For there is much work for you to do!  Keep pushin’, keep praying’  we are waiting on you.  We need you.  You are important!

God is Good!

God Bless!


4 responses to “Checked Out?

  1. I love this. Sorry it took me so long to check it out. And yes you have come too far to turn back now, thanks for staying in the race. LOVE YOU

    • Amen thanks Everyone! Erin you should check out my brother, Ricardo Palmer’s book – Jesus Christ: The Greatest Rapper of All Time! It’s monumental.

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