“Recovery” – Josh, here’s looking at you kid!

During my time spent at the College of Charleston (CofC), I had the pleasure of meeting my brother from another mother, Joshua Hamilton Scott.  Josh and I met during the Spectra 2001 program – designed to support students of color in their transition from high school to college.  Spectra was designed to, not only market the College of Charleston to diverse populations, but also to establish a network for those students.  This network was established through Spectra’s providing an avenue for them to get a head-start on college coursework and be introduced to mentors. 

Like most 17-year old boys, Josh entered CofC ready to party, be single, and mingle if you get my drift ; )  Ironically, Josh and I hit it off from a place of humor, as he frequented my all female dorm – hint… hint during visitation hours – and to set the record straight…Josh was not coming to see me.   My first memory of Josh is: One day in the middle of summer session, as I passed him in the hallway and joined him on the elevator, I made a comment to Josh about always seeing him around. 

On the flip-side Josh recalls seeing me at an informal Spectra event, in which our counselors thought it was okay to have a private “cuss-out-session” about certain behaviors from our group.  Either way, I stood up at this event and expressed that it was such a waste of my time, and I could be studying.  One of the counselors, Natasha Venner – Love you Hun ; ) said, “Would you really be studying?!”  A group of peers chimed in and said something to the effect, Actually she really would. Lol!  I could tell that this urked the counselors, but to my advantage I was excused from the session.

Fast forward to the fall, after transferring from an over-crowded suite at Berry (All-Girls’ Dorm), I moved to Wentworth/ Glenn McConnell (ironically named) the co-ed dormitory – where Josh and I would reunite.  McConnell was one of the more affordable and last-to-be- placed housing options for students at CofC.  We were the butt of many jokes from our “uppity” peers who lived in the more lavish residence halls and houses on the other side of campus.  Little did they know, we had more fun!  We got very little sleep, we played rounds and rounds of spades.  We were constantly entertained by the slew of students who would come in plastered and try to put on facade of “sober” to make it pass the public safety officer at the front desk.  Life was really interesting at McConnell…unfortunately, those of us who hung out in that lobby, and in each others rooms did very little studying that freshmen year; but we definitely made connections to last a lifetime.

In the beginning of my McConnell connection, there was Josh and Scott, (following my disconnection from my high-school peers who attended CofC and lived in McConnell – Akeem cough…and Phuong…who just hung out there ; )  Either-way, Josh was from Anderson and could relate to me as a southern African American.  On top of that, Josh was and still is a clown, like I am.  I mean we enjoyed a good laugh…jonin…playing the dozens..etc. 

Today Josh is proving himself to be a warrior (show-off ; ) as he is battling a high stage of cancer.  Lord knows we would have never imagined ourselves here almost 10 years ago.  Eitherway, he must be pretty strong because we know that God never puts more on us than we can bear.  (1 Corinthians 10:13) 

Recently I invited Josh to join me in a Facebook battle where we co-authored a poem entitled, “Recovery.”  It is listed below for your perusal.  To connect with Joshua monetarily, to share good jokes, laughs, and/or prayers feel free to find him on Facebook @Joshua Hamilton Scott.

Here’s looking at you kid!

First step is denial
Think of first steps as a child
When your last step
We all want to know when
Want to know how
Than the man in the all white…..coat
Tell ya it aint all right and ya body broke…DOWN
But u cant break now
Just look on up
Cause its only one whom you should trust – Josh

Second step is acceptance and the realization that this you can’t shake.
Now it’s time to deal with the body and the pain you can’t take.
Praying for help, from The Father, begging for him to relieve you from this cup..
“Is He listening?” you wonder.
Cause sensation’s burning, and it’s bite won’t let up! – Valencya

Rest up for this final journey
Dont stop believing
Mustard seed faith can move millions
The healing I claim in yo name
So we on this bed waiting for da manifestation
I don’t acknowledge the disease just the recovery
Cause I believe more in what He said then what u see – Josh

Rest up for new life is on the horizon, can you hear me now?
Catch my signal and I ain’t talkin’ Verizon.
I’m talkin’ about hope, that substance that faith is!
Leaning on the everlasting arms
Aint no breaking down in this biz.
Cause only the strong survive on the road to greatness…
How hard you push, how hard you strive, how much you’re willing to give to make this…Journey count?!
Ain’t no way I can see me on my way out.
No way, Un-Uh! Not have’n it!
So tell me… what are you made of kid?– Valencya

We made of this slaves blood
Off the chains they came from
Now off the chain we stay dumb
Just to stay slum and stay numb
Walking dead if heaven was cross the street
Most of us couldn’t walk in there
Cause ya souls sold and ya morals fold
apathetic don’t care won’t move
If the devil was at ya bedrest
Where our head went
Where we headed.. –Josh

Let’s head to newer places…
Like the holies of holies,
Oneness with God, in three persons.
Smiling faces,
Not SC
But where grace is…
On the road to recovery
Life ain’t easy
Conquer this, take all
for the life that will be
Push on, press hard, blocking voices of naysayers, and never letting down your guard.
For this battle, indeed, is the Lords!
Just show up, He’ll show out,
And victory will be yours!  -Valencya

God Bless!


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