“He was yelling for help!” “Why didn’t anyone come out to help him?”

Flabbergasted, I am currently sitting on the couch in my den listening to the 911 calls that were placed on the night of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin’s cold-blooded murder.

This young man was deemed guilty of a familiar age-old charge and placed under citizens arrest for walking while being a Black male. 

“When someone yells for help…you know you feel like you wish you could have helped him.”

Literally, my stomach hurts and I feel every heartbeat during these moments as I am currently taking in 35 minutes worth of 911 calls.  These calls which began with Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman, describing a Black male with his hand in his waist band and looking at houses while walking towards Zimmerman. Zimmerman also described Martin as being up to something and took it upon himself to mention Martin’s ethnicity more than once. 

I never knew I could call 911 because I saw a person simply walking down the street….hmm?  Racial profiling is bad enough when used by official law enforcement, but when a neighborhood watch person takes matters into his own hands we are in trouble, especially when you have people who are as delusional as Zimmerman proved himself to be.  Zimmerman’s delusions allowed him to interpret Trayvon’s bag of skittles and can of tea to be threatening to his personal safety – a delusion so strong that it led Zimmerman to take Trayvon’s life.

I wonder if any one of those neighbors would have only stepped outside onto their porches, could they have saved Martin’s life?  Unfortunately, we will never know.  And while  I can easily criticize the shoes that are on someone else’s feet, I can’t exactly say what I would do, if I were ever in such a situation.  I do pray that I would do the right thing. 

Until then, I am empathic for Martin’s parents and I am using my voice to speak out against this injustice.

Why hasn’t George Zimmerman been arrested yet?

I challenge everyone who hasn’t to sign the petition via the following link:


If you need to feel my passion, listen to the 911 calls:
If you desire to read a little more, then feel free:

Whatever you do….do something to get the word out!  No one on earth deserves to be treated like this.

God Bless.

2 responses to ““He was yelling for help!” “Why didn’t anyone come out to help him?”

  1. This whole thing has weighed so heavily on my heart. One thing that’s bothering me is how little coverage this is getting from the major news outlets. I’m still hoping they will arrest Zimmerman, but it really shouldn’t take a month and close to a million people signing a petition for justice to happen.

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