The Good Child

Any of you who were born into a family, (all of us – even orphans) recognize that there are some us who are expected to achieve (over-achievers) and those who underachieve (slackers).  If you are offended then, I’m assuming you are the latter ; )

With that being said, I have learned– being a product of my own family and other experiential factors, that the slackers have strategically positioned themselves to not be held accountable, or asked to be responsible for anything.  So clever…I wish I would have come up with this thought myself!

I would go a step further to say that these underachievers have underwhelmed the family unit so much until, not only does the family not trust them to complete even, minuscule tasks, but the family has successfully designed a system around these underachievers to be enabled….an enabling that can endure for the rest of these underachievers lives…

 if they are clever enough ; )

Now for those over-achievers…

Or should we say the successful ones ; )?  Okay, okay – I’m flattering myself.  It seems that those who dare to conquer all that has been laid in front of us, tend to be taken advantage of the most.  It’s like the moment the family learns of your talents, someone said you would forever be bound in eternal servitude to the benefit of your family, – I mean you can’t even get a little credit…and not that we should be in the credit-seeking business (I hear it’s quite disappointing.) But, just common respect and courtesy from the family to recognize that despite your youthfulness and your having it together (from their perspectives), you are human, and to be human you do grow weary, you do grow tired. 

And without being compassionate to the “successful ones”, the family can in fact ride a good horse until it slowly dies beneath the saddle that you placed on it’s back. 

Don’t be a killer!

Don’t take the talents of others around you for granted through unneccessary abuse…especially for insignificant advantages, such as the pleasure of being competitive or as I prefer to say, “to one-up” somebody.

It’s not easy being the good child, remember he or she could have chosen to give up a long time ago and joined a team of slackers.  If this is you, I encourage you not to give up today.

If you are a slacker, I encourage you to strive to achieve more, and give your loved ones a break.

God Bless! 



One response to “The Good Child

  1. Galatians 6:9 “Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary”. Valencya, you are crystal clear in your sentiments…..remember what you sow in tears and sweat will gain you rewards in joy & happiness. Rejoice that you servitude can and will someday reward you a harvest.

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