Lord keep me from Self-Sabotage

The title of this post came from a simple prayer I sent up this past weekend.

Amazingly, I have been blessed to meet a lot of people who are doing great things during this new season of my life.

Consequently, I have been exposed to a number of opportunities-this week alone. With that being said, they all appear to be fabulous – talkin’ bedazzled with the rhinestone on top. ; )

But how many of you know “all that glitters ain’t gold”, or as Mark deRoux has been noted to say, and I paraphrase, even if you are doing “good” things, if God didn’t will for you to do them, they become sinful because they are keeping you from doing His perfect will.

Wow. Meditate on that for a few seconds.

I know this to be true. Because of my personality, I am automatically attracted to a lot of things, and function best with more than one thing on my plate – yet, even with my multiple talents and interests, there is still such a thing known as “doing too much”.

And to recognize when I am juggling too many things, it is important for me to:

#1 Pray to achieve God’s will.
#2 Pray for discernment.
#3 Have patience.
#4 Listen for that still, small voice (Yes, He still speaks this way ; )
#5 Be obedient.
#6 Block out all naysayers ( Even your Momma – love you!)
#7 Just do it already-on His terms!
#8 Humble yourself at all times by exalting Him.
#9 When others praise you, lift Him up and give Him the Glory!
#10 Take Action!

*Ready. Set. Go!

God Bless You Love!