Why? And Why Now?

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Let me assure you that you are not alone.  It is human nature to desire a rationale for why things occur in our lives and specifically, why during a time when we least expect them to occur. 

You have your plans all laid out, and you are ready to execute them just as you envisioned them. 

Well, God had His plans, before you were even born and since He designed you as a vessel to accomplish His great work, you will need to have an awareness of His plans. 

Why? You might ask. Whether we like it or not, the only way that you may truly be the best YOU possible is by choosing to do the work you were created to complete. 

Notice some key words mentioned above:

Best.  You.  Created.

While there are many great people who you may admire in the world, it is very important to realize that you were not created to be: The Best Beyonce Look-a-like….The Next LeBron James…The Next Anderson Cooper…The Next President Obama…The Next famous____________. 

We could fill in the blank because this list could go on and on; Instead we will strive to connect with God, determine His will for our lives and, fill in this blank: Wow you are…

The First & Last  __________there will ever be on this earth!

Insert your name above ;  )

God Bless You!

*I am excited to announce the release of the second edition of my children’s book: God Please Clean My RoomIt is available for purchase at www.valencyathompson.comJust click the “Writings” tab! Please be sure to like our group on Facebook: God Please Clean My Room – Children’s Book.

Oh Yeah!  Big Ups to LeBron James as he is being the best him possible ; )

Photo Courtesy of Don Emmert /AFP/Getty Images


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