Temporary Idleness

I woke up yesterday with the title for this piece on my mind: “Temporary Idleness”. Like I literally woke up and as usual the wheels in my brain were turning, and this phrase came to mind.

As a woman who is constantly moving and working to “make” things happen,
I struggle with waiting. Or as my husband says, “There’s nothing wrong with being still, just relax;” we both know that this is problematic for me.

Once you reach a certain age you realize that there are moments when you have done absolutely everything possible within a given situation, and there is nothing left to do, but rest, or as we, believers call it, to “wait on the Lord”.

This is hard for me as a “control freak”. Raise your hand if you can relate. I mean my given sorority name isn’t “The Dictator” for no reason. ; ). Though it’s taken me a while to accept its truth, I was a natural born/raised leader.

In my youth/young adulthood, if I walked into a seemingly chaotic situation, I would take over because I dislike disorder. In my maturity, which is developing daily, I realize that one can become easily burn-out and negatively labeled as bossy with such traits.

What does this mean?

In some instances even though you may believe you have the answer, sometimes it is not your turn.

In other words, there are other kids waiting for their chance on the merry-go-round, so step off and let them have their turn.

This may feel like idleness for a worker-bee, but it is in fact a break, a much needed vacation, a gift from God that should be graciously accepted without guilt and without regrets.

So take a rest Child! I promise this is only a season of temporary idleness given to you by God, despite what it looks like in the physical realm.

God has not forgot, so stop your worrying ; )

The vision will be fulfilled at an appointed time (see Habakkuk 2)!

God Bless You Friend and know that you are loved!


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