Excited About a Mountain!

On most Saturday mornings my husband jumps out of bed excited about a mountain! Excited about a mountain, you say? Yes indeed excited about a mountain! He knowingly dresses in his work out attire, takes, a 20 minute drive, parks at a location down the street and around the corner from Stone Mountain & State Park to make the same journey that he has a week before only to return again.

I’ve joined him on occasion, but this morning, like many, I chose to sleep in (lay around). Then it hit me! As he excitedly brought me oatmeal in bed and recommended that I take a neighborhood bike-ride since I didn’t want to go with, wait a minute…there’s something to be modeled here!

And no this isn’t about exercise, though it is a necessary part of our lives, but it is instead about how we approach life’s obstacles.

Do you stomp and complain as you get up for work in the mornings?

Do you lay in bed at night full of worry about what is to come tomorrow?

If you do, you are not alone. I would encourage us all to fret not! And instead of being worried about a mountain, go ahead and get excited about it! I’m sure some of you may be thinking, she has surely lost it now. No, I assure you, I have not! In fact, I can see so much clearer now!

Look at it this way. Understand that while your Heavenly Father sits high, He still resides with you wherever you are and everywhere you are! Understand that even before the battle has begun, you have already won!

If you have already won, you have no choice, but to be excited about that mountain!

The victory is yours! For it says so in His word!

See 2 Samuel 22:33-41 and Isaiah 40:28-31. No excuses. Whip out your Bible or your Bible app! And run up that mountain! We can do it!

God Bless.