Just Me & Her: Navigating Your Way Through a Period of Isolation

There is something to be said about basking in the presence of God.

As you pursue Christ more, the more your relationship with Him strengthens. The more your relationship strengthens, the more you recognize the need to be able to hear from Him and Him only through the Holy Spirit. To hear from Him only requires that you be isolated from others at times. This period of isolation may seem strange at first to the individual undergoing this change, but after a while you become accustomed to it. Once you accept it, then other individuals begin to receive it. This may cause some individuals, particularly relatives and close friends or even acquaintances, who are familiar with getting your time as requested to perceive you as becoming “stand offish.”

During the beginning phases of this season, one may feel the need to be on “damage control patrol”, as if a 1000 excuses will make outsiders understand better or even care more about your absence from their life. During a more progressive phase, you will learn that the opinions of others have no place in your journey with God. In other words, nothing is more important than pursuing that which the Holy Spirit is calling for you to pursue. Absolutely, nothing. It can be a request from your mother or grandmother, but you still must not allow it to draw a wedge between you and your Heavenly Father. It can be an urging from your current source of revenue, but you must keep it in perspective that your Heavenly Father holds even your job, in His hands.

This means that you have no time to worry about your situation, your circumstance, or any ill-perceptions that others may have of you. When you know that you are in the will of God, you must stand firm in knowing that everything will work out for your good because you love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. See Romans 8:28!

For we know that the Lord tells us In Jeremiah 33:3 that we must call to Him and he will answer us and He will tell us things that we cannot know. Well I assure you in this loud world, it is almost impossible to hear from God, if you won’t spend quiet time alone with Him. Don’t worry about being lonely. I promise being in the presence of Almighty God, our gentle Father, is far more comforting than being in the presence of any man or woman.

So go ahead, do that thing that he has been urging you to do. Study to show yourself approved. Get to work, for there is much of it for you to do. Oh won’t you be used by Him today?! There is a marvelous journey ahead. So walk it out already!
Be blessed.