Perspective – Time to Wipe those Dusty Glasses Off!

If you feel as though everytime you receive a bit of sunshine it’s overcast by a cloudy/rainy day, then this is for you!

In March, my husband and I attended my cousin Nikki’s marriage retreat for the first time. The Lord brought a discussion from that retreat to my remembrance today that is worth sharing.

As it was my turn to weigh in on the previous year, I distinctly remember saying to the group that the year was full of good times, but unfortunately all of the good seemed to be overshadowed by a traumatic event of some sort. This was of course before my perception changed.

At the time of this retreat, I was experiencing a miscarriage; as I am today shortly after moving into my beautiful new home with Jerrell, my husband and Max, my dog.  Yesterday I was thinking we have a lot of empty rooms that need children; instead of basking in the blessing of my new home.

It wasn’t until today when I was speaking on how the Lord has been moving with a friend today that I realized I had it all wrong – backwards even. As a matter of fact it wasn’t until I dashed upstairs to grab the cleansing cloth & spray, gently wiped my glasses, took a deep breath in, then took a look around me and truly appreciated all that God has graced me with…A loving husband, a great dog, & salvation for starters.

Could it be that I have had this thing wrong this entire time? It’s not that all of my good moments have been trumped by something bad, but God loves me so much, knowing that life would include trials, he sprinkled sunshine into my cloudy days to lessen the brunt of the impact.

My God! Glory!  If you haven’t already, I encourage you to try Jesus. I promise life with Him gets sweeter as the days go by.

Be blessed.


Moving Forward

In this moment, I am blessed to say that I am a property owner.

When I met my husband, he was already a homeowner, and I remember thinking that “I never ‘got’ to check home ownership off of my single woman checklist”.

Amazingly, now that I am officially a homeowner at 3 years, 2 months, 17 days married, God reminded me that “He will grant the desires of my heart,” (Psalm 37:4); and in this case even the ones you may have forgotten!

It is important that this story be shared that you might know, “God is no respecter of persons,” (Acts 10:34) which means what has been done for another, God can and will do for you!

Yes, those dreams that you have hidden deep down in the back of your heart, God still remembers (even if you don’t) and He will fulfill them.

If you have wasted precious time generating an arbitrary timeline for your life, Go ahead and toss it out of the window today! I assure you that God has a better plan. See Isaiah 55:8-9 and Jeremiah 29:11!

Now you know why there was no “Daily Wash” (YouTube on the Godpleasecleanmyroom channel) this week, but don’t worry if the Lord wills it, we will be back with a powerful message next week! Subscribe today!

Remember God loves you so much Friend!

Be blessed!