The War in Between My Ears

We are often reminded in biblical text of the battle that goes on in our minds. See Ephesians 6:12.

The word choice of “wrestle” indicates a struggle; specifically a struggle within close proximity of an opponent.

I can testify to the battle that goes on in my head on a daily basis.

Picture this: Most (some / 🙂 days I wake up rejoicing to be one in the number. Yet no sooner than I make it to the bathroom door my mind becomes plagued with regrets about yesterday’s work left undone and another individual’s expectations (based on my perception) for my day.

“Geesh Woman,” is how I imagine the Holy Spirit calling me.

“Come talk to me, that I might reveal our plans for your day.”

God is simply amazing.

Wouldn’t you know after moving too slowly and two cups of spilled coffee, there isn’t anything anything that a daily meeting with our Heavenly Father can’t fix?

So instead of rushing out the door as usual, sit down and “have a lil’ talk with Jesus”.

He is sure to show up and not disappoint.

You’ll be amazed at how He’ll part the traffic to make you on time. ; )

Be blessed!