Acclimating to Higher Altitudes

I was recently researching the appropriate way to ascend to higher altitudes under specific conditions healthily.

Interestingly enough, I learned that if you plan to ascend to 7,000-10,000 feet or higher altitudes it is best that you do so gradually and if it all possible you should rest at different mid-way points if you are accustomed to living at lower altitudes.

Specifically,  when ascending to 10,000ft it was recommended that you stop and rest at 5000 ft for a night because your resting heart rate and other vitals while sleeping would be more impacted than at your active rates.

This my friends was a powerful metaphor for me. Just think how God allows us to ascend in life one level at a time. For some of us it may feel as though there are a few levels at a time, but the point is the same. Father God knows exactly what is required for you to endure your life’s journey. For He is present at the beginning.  He is present at the middle.  He is also present at the end wayyy before you get there.

So trust God when He urges you to be still,  understanding that the impact that He is making on your heart is even greater at your resting altitudes.  Thank God that He knows when it is the appropriate time for you to make your ascent to the top.

Only Believe!

God Bless You My Loves.


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