“Be Still & Know that I am NOT God.”

As my Contextual Education placement comes to an end, I have gained much wisdom while saying,  “Goodbye.”

Though I had mixed feelings when I started at my site, which accommodates senior citizens and persons with disabilities, I walk away with cherished moments and learned life lessons.

I experienced a special moment with Nancy Love Wilson, whose name I have included with her permission.

In efforts to ensure that I “take care of myself”, Nancy shared her beliefs that despite the present generation’s obsession with it, multi-tasking is a disease.  She concluded that a person can be far more effective while focusing on one task at a time.

Nancy went a step further to share that one day while she was waiting inside of her car before meeting with someone,  she attempted to quote scripture to comfort herself. Nancy then said aloud, “Be still and know that I am NOT God”. Reportedly Nancy then thought to herself,  “Hey that’s not right.” Only to hear a still small voice say, “Oh, but it is.”

It was in this moment that Nancy resolved, as she heard her friend say before,  “I am a FHB, a flawed human being,  and that is okay.” For us, recovering perfectionists, this declaration is important for us all to make. It is important to note that we cannot be all things to all people, this would make us appear to be taking on God’s role.  As my professor Dr. Scheib says it, “the role of savior has already been taken”.  I would challenge us to remember this daily.  

Say it aloud with me,


Blessings & Peace to you my Friends!


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