Girls > Sex: Entry #2 – Sex is Everywhere. What are we Going to do about it?


As we are swamped by media: informative, political, and social in digital and print forms; it has always been apparent that sex is everwhere.

The question is as we have pretty much settled into the notion of “anything goes”, what does this mean for our children, the state of our collective societies, and humanity as a whole?

At what point will we relinquish the double standards, as they pertain to men vs. women?

When will we raise our boys under the same auspices as our girls? In the manner that teaches them to respect the opposite sex and treat them as equal human beings?

It does not add up when we tell our boys to “go through” as many girls as possible; yet urge our young ladies to “keep their legs closed.”  As you can imagine at the end of the night, some form of compromise will take place. 

Typically an unfavorable decision is made. At the hands of a young man, not taught to operate within any boundaries, a young lady may find herself at the short end of the stick…  Sometimes the victim of some form of sexual assault or heinous crime.

Are you mad that we’re talking about it? Good. You should be!

Meanwhile, I leave you with some food for thought.  Check out these two articles. The happenings discussed are the result of a “boundaryless”society that will achieve capital & lust by any means necessary!

God’s Blessings & Peace to You My Friends!


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