Living Water: Diving Into the Pool of Revitalization


As I have burst into my third trimester of pregnancy at full force, the last few weeks have been coupled with a series of ailments & new diagnoses.

Needless to say I have been catching it, but Praise God Baby Boy is well & developing nicely! It is amazing how such wonderful blessings can be hidden beyond various trials. It causes me to wonder, how often in life do we miss out on God’s promises for our lives simply because what lies between us and the receipt of them is “trouble”.

I mean just think what we could grasp and actually hold in our hands if we would just…PUSH THROUGH.

You see I had to push through today. I sent my besties a super awful picture of myself miserable & crying (trust me, you don’t want to see) due to the physical pain I have been enduring & my inability to eat over the last couple of weeks.

All the while, I knew I was scheduled to have my second swimming lesson today, already delayed by the instructor for a few weeks; yet the notion of going was in complete opposition with how I was feeling.

But I decided to PUSH THROUGH.

Struggling with pain, I made my way to my car and grabbed a quick call from my Sis who was startled by my sent images & said she was shocked I was still going – how it was easily understandable if I decided to miss out.

God being God and we being ourselves begin to think on and discuss some of the immediate promises God has declared over our lives. For a few moments, I am able to think on God’s Glory in lieu of my pain.  Before I know it, I am pulling on site of where my lessons are taking place. My Sister in Christ, AKA a best friend, and I close out in prayer as is our custom. 

I then, dart through the pain inside to sign in for my lesson & have to make a quick dash into the restroom. Once I get myself together, I make my way downstairs to meet my instructor and friend at the pool.

After greeting them, I gently place myself into the pool and would you believe I felt completely weightless & pain-free!

It reminded me of the true Living Water that we have in Christ & how it is necessary that we PUSH THROUGH so that the thirst of our souls might be quenched.

I pray that as you take in this message God touches you in a special and unique way.

God’s Blessings & Peace to you my Friends!



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