I wanted to wear the white watch today featured in the image above, but as I attempted to snap the latch on the band to secure it on my wrist the watch slipped off.

Once the watch crashed down to the floor with a loud bang, I reached down to retrieve the watch from the floor only to discover the glass shattered on its face.

I chuckled to myself and thought, “oh well I guess God doesn’t want me to wear that watch today”. So I reached over to grab another watch and laughed more once I realized that the replacement watch was much more valuable than the broken watch.

The old me would have been upset no matter how little the broken watch was worth because historically I have become attached to “things”.

Well in this instance I thought,  “what a powerful metaphor?”

How often could it be that God wants to give us an “upgrade” in life, but we refuse to take it simply because we desire to cling to something old/someone bad due to it (he/she) being familiar to us?

Bear in mind,  this comfort or security in this old or bad thing or person has no connection to its value or worth – even though we may regard it as something valuable.

So the next time you choose to hold on to something or someone simply because it, he, or she is familiar to you, consider that God cannot bless you (give you an upgrade) until you disconnect from the old.
Reminds me of wireless phone service ; )

Be Blessed and know that you can do this like all things in God’s strength! See Philippians 4:13.


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