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The following narrative was shared by an anonymous interviewee.  It is our prayer that her honesty might provide hope and help to those of us who may need it.  This is her story.

I was dating a terrible guy while in college. Well one day, I chose to walk him to his room, expecting to just hang out again.

I felt God speaking to me, “Do not go.”

And I said, well why not?

God repeated, “Do not go.”

I mean this is a nice guy, he’s involved in the church.

It was in this moment that I made a conscious decision that I was going.

God was just like, I forgot the words exactly, but it was basically like “If you go then you’re gonna lose something.”

I was just like, “oh well” and I just kept going.

It was during this visit that I was sexually assaulted. Afterwards I found myself going into a downward spiral similar to what I experienced post another prior traumatic incident in my life. I felt like at that point, I lost a part of myself. It was like a part of me died. I was grieving in a weird way. I didn’t go to class. I just stayed in my room and cried. I didn’t eat or anything like that. A lot of my friends didn’t know what was wrong with me. 

Then one day I remembered being sick of being at that point. I was like, “God I need something to change!”

At that time it robbed me of my self-esteem, my purpose. I felt dirty, I felt low, – just all around wrong.  I went on a fast and I was like Lord, I need you to eliminate any soul-ties, take away this brokenness. I think at this point I was contemplating suicide – it was just really a low, low, time in my life. 

It was on a New Year’s Day that I spent the night at a friend’s house and generated a list of all the things I would like in a man. I wrote it down, I prayed over it, and then I just left it alone. My friend was the only one who knew about it and she helped me through it. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this woman’s story. It is our prayer that if you are able to relate you might find your own ways to cope, heal, and seek the help that you need.

Oh yeah, she is now with the man that loves her dearly and there is no doubt that God designed him just for her!

Be Healed & Blessed!




My husband, Jerrell Thompson, can confirm the sheer horror I woke up in last night due to the dreams I had. Please take heed and read below. This may just be for you.

*WARNING: Very Graphic Adult Content

Last night I had a dream – very vivid.
I went to a place with someone (it was hard to tell whether it was residential or commercial). I say this because outside the architectural design was mostly comprised of glass and reminded me of a huge corporate tower something like a bank would have.

There was a group of random people gathered together in this huge open room doing all sorts of vile things. It is important to note that the room was designed in a manner that suggested a lot of money was put into building it. Despite this it looked disgusting because of the people gathered about and I can imagine a stench.

There was even a naked man squirting bloody semen from his person aiming for different sections around the room. It was as though he thought it was glorious. He was so much under the influence of something that he seemed zombie-like.

As a matter of fact most of the people there, with the exception of myself, didn’t seem to mind the man. All the while I am running around trying to dodge this man’s aim; while searching for something in this room.

You see the people gathered there had gifts and talents that were compiled on CD-ROMs (use your imagination) and all while they were in – tox- i – ca – t- ed there were thieves robbing them of their gifts.

I was there because someone I loved was, and I came to take their gift before it was stolen to protect it.

I eventually ran out with a group of others, as our lives were in danger.
The dream concluded with me sitting at a table next to who I thought were allies, pulling out the CD-ROM to show the gift I saved.

I soon realized from their grins that they were not friends – and had planned an attack on the gift I possessed for safe-keeping.


You have gifts, talents, and an intended purpose to fulfill all created by God. Everytime you get intoxicated by the things of this world (i.e., drugs, alcohol, sexual sin, being someone you’re not, avoiding your purpose, hiding your gifts and talents, lying, conniving, manipulating, etc.) you are at risk for your gifts being stolen by the enemy and his camp. Yes, stolen (you don’t/won’t operate in them; you don’t practice them so they get rusty, and, or you become so distracted -(a tactic of the devil) by menial things that you never use them for their intended purpose that God birthed them inside of you for using. The worst part is that they can become perverted and used in a dark way for the other side; hence the disgusting image of the man squirting (what he thought was glorious semen, but was mostly blood instead because he was sick and toxic, but didn’t know it). It is important to note that semen obviously represents life, but this man had none to give because he was infected with something – the terrible part is that he had no clue because he was under severe influence.

My positioning in the dream is to remind us of how Christ is ever-fighting for us, but we must remember the free – will we have been given to make a choice. You are strongly urged to choose a side today.

God is calling out to you. This is your warning.

~Valencya Thompson
Owner of Write The Vision Creative  (TM), LLC