Put Your Umbrella Away, the Sun is Out!

Isaiah 43:18-20 calls us to forget the former things and focus on the new things.  Said in modern language,  this text demonstrates that God acknowledges our past, yet He is letting us know that it is time to forget the past so that we might place our full, undivided attention on the present and be hopeful towards the future. 

I was speaking with one of my best Girlfriends yesterday and she and I collectively concluded that so many of us (humans) are seemingly down and out, even dismayed due to a continual resting in events that occurred during our pasts.

Specifically our hearts were grieving and praying for individuals who are suffering in adulthood due to incidents that occurred during their childhood. As we prayed for these individuals,  it reminded me that life is too short for us to even allow yesterday’s obstacle to keep us bogged down today.

Can’t you imagine God shaking His head as He is working in the fullness of love to present us with gifts today? Yet we don’t receive them, simply because we can’t see them for staring into photos of the tragedies of yesterday.

Understand me and understand me well as I say, this post in no way shape or form is written to discount anyone’s hurt or pain as it is an ever-pressing part of life.  I am, however,  suggesting that is important for you to grab hold of, call by name, and pull out by the root that which still binds you today, though it occurred yesterday.

Today is when the misappropriation of your anger, hurt, and confusion redirects to the spiritual war where it all originated. Remember the Bible cautions us that we do not fight against flesh & blood, but instead against many evil forces which reside in dark places.

I am praying for you and I am pushing you to walk into your freedom today!

Be blessed my Friends!


Acclimating to Higher Altitudes

I was recently researching the appropriate way to ascend to higher altitudes under specific conditions healthily.

Interestingly enough, I learned that if you plan to ascend to 7,000-10,000 feet or higher altitudes it is best that you do so gradually and if it all possible you should rest at different mid-way points if you are accustomed to living at lower altitudes.

Specifically,  when ascending to 10,000ft it was recommended that you stop and rest at 5000 ft for a night because your resting heart rate and other vitals while sleeping would be more impacted than at your active rates.

This my friends was a powerful metaphor for me. Just think how God allows us to ascend in life one level at a time. For some of us it may feel as though there are a few levels at a time, but the point is the same. Father God knows exactly what is required for you to endure your life’s journey. For He is present at the beginning.  He is present at the middle.  He is also present at the end wayyy before you get there.

So trust God when He urges you to be still,  understanding that the impact that He is making on your heart is even greater at your resting altitudes.  Thank God that He knows when it is the appropriate time for you to make your ascent to the top.

Only Believe!

God Bless You My Loves.

The Amazing Race! A Testament to God’s Amazing Grace: Shannon’s Story

This evening marked an eventful moment on this amazing quest I have been privileged to journey on by Almighty God! My daily experiences have been so remarkable that I have no choice other than to call this “The Amazing Race”.

I have been privileged to meet so many phenomenal people on my journey with God and this story is dedicated to one who touched my heart in such a profound way that I am certain my life has been impacted forever.

This story is about my new friend Shannon who is a seminarian at the Candler School of Theology. Shannon is known by his infectious smile, and seemingly ever-permanent positive demeanor. Shannon is one of those remarkable individuals whose personality shines so brightly that it lights up an entire room the moment his feet hit the floor.

Well, I had the privilege of walking on a brisk cold evening with Shannon along with another friend, Ruth. Engaged in conversation, Shannon explained that he was parked at the hospital and we would need to walk a little ways to get to his car. Thankful that Shannon was willing to drive Ruth and I to our car which was too far away for a comfortable walk, Ruth and I had no complaints here.
I did ask if parking was more reasonable at the hospital versus the other lot. Shannon replied, “no I don’t think so, but it works out that I have to come over here in between classes for chemo and God worked it out as such that I get validated parking here.” Ruth and Shannon chuckle. I force myself to mimic their chuckles as well while I am looking at Shannon, a middle-aged white male, tall in stature with a graying full head of hair as exuberant as ever. My first assumption is that perhaps he means that he ministers to those undergoing chemotherapy, but Shannon never says this. I, then, wait some more for him to say, “Just kidding” and he never does. Whew..Shannon’s offering has completely floored Ruth and me as we are instantaneously reminded of how small our problems are and that we don’t have a thing to complain about. Shannon even shared that his hair recently grew back.

The remainder of our walk and car ride is centered on meaningful conversation and intimate sharing. I can vividly recall Shannon’s take on parenting and how fast children grow up and how “a good portion of life is just bull-shit distractions; there are very rare moments of meaningfulness because we are taught by society to focus on things that do not matter.” Did I mention that Shannon commutes from Athens to attend the Candler School of Theology (one hour and 45 minutes drive) and for his treatments?
Once we truly comprehend the fullness of God and understand better how to focus on things above, we will then realize what things are completely invaluable in our day-to-days and how it is important to pursue these moments alone.

To God Be the Glory for the things He has done!

I pray that you will be inspired…I know I have.

The War in Between My Ears

We are often reminded in biblical text of the battle that goes on in our minds. See Ephesians 6:12.

The word choice of “wrestle” indicates a struggle; specifically a struggle within close proximity of an opponent.

I can testify to the battle that goes on in my head on a daily basis.

Picture this: Most (some / 🙂 days I wake up rejoicing to be one in the number. Yet no sooner than I make it to the bathroom door my mind becomes plagued with regrets about yesterday’s work left undone and another individual’s expectations (based on my perception) for my day.

“Geesh Woman,” is how I imagine the Holy Spirit calling me.

“Come talk to me, that I might reveal our plans for your day.”

God is simply amazing.

Wouldn’t you know after moving too slowly and two cups of spilled coffee, there isn’t anything anything that a daily meeting with our Heavenly Father can’t fix?

So instead of rushing out the door as usual, sit down and “have a lil’ talk with Jesus”.

He is sure to show up and not disappoint.

You’ll be amazed at how He’ll part the traffic to make you on time. ; )

Be blessed!

Perspective – Time to Wipe those Dusty Glasses Off!

If you feel as though everytime you receive a bit of sunshine it’s overcast by a cloudy/rainy day, then this is for you!

In March, my husband and I attended my cousin Nikki’s marriage retreat for the first time. The Lord brought a discussion from that retreat to my remembrance today that is worth sharing.

As it was my turn to weigh in on the previous year, I distinctly remember saying to the group that the year was full of good times, but unfortunately all of the good seemed to be overshadowed by a traumatic event of some sort. This was of course before my perception changed.

At the time of this retreat, I was experiencing a miscarriage; as I am today shortly after moving into my beautiful new home with Jerrell, my husband and Max, my dog.  Yesterday I was thinking we have a lot of empty rooms that need children; instead of basking in the blessing of my new home.

It wasn’t until today when I was speaking on how the Lord has been moving with a friend today that I realized I had it all wrong – backwards even. As a matter of fact it wasn’t until I dashed upstairs to grab the cleansing cloth & spray, gently wiped my glasses, took a deep breath in, then took a look around me and truly appreciated all that God has graced me with…A loving husband, a great dog, & salvation for starters.

Could it be that I have had this thing wrong this entire time? It’s not that all of my good moments have been trumped by something bad, but God loves me so much, knowing that life would include trials, he sprinkled sunshine into my cloudy days to lessen the brunt of the impact.

My God! Glory!  If you haven’t already, I encourage you to try Jesus. I promise life with Him gets sweeter as the days go by.

Be blessed.

Moving Forward

In this moment, I am blessed to say that I am a property owner.

When I met my husband, he was already a homeowner, and I remember thinking that “I never ‘got’ to check home ownership off of my single woman checklist”.

Amazingly, now that I am officially a homeowner at 3 years, 2 months, 17 days married, God reminded me that “He will grant the desires of my heart,” (Psalm 37:4); and in this case even the ones you may have forgotten!

It is important that this story be shared that you might know, “God is no respecter of persons,” (Acts 10:34) which means what has been done for another, God can and will do for you!

Yes, those dreams that you have hidden deep down in the back of your heart, God still remembers (even if you don’t) and He will fulfill them.

If you have wasted precious time generating an arbitrary timeline for your life, Go ahead and toss it out of the window today! I assure you that God has a better plan. See Isaiah 55:8-9 and Jeremiah 29:11!

Now you know why there was no “Daily Wash” (YouTube on the Godpleasecleanmyroom channel) this week, but don’t worry if the Lord wills it, we will be back with a powerful message next week! Subscribe today!

Remember God loves you so much Friend!

Be blessed!


Overjoyed: Your Promise in Christ

The Lord is truly amazing & all powerful.

It saddens my heart to think of the countless number of people who have been bruised so much in their pasts that they allow the lies of the enemy to prevail over their lives when God never gave him authority over them.

Repeat this phrase:

“I have authority over Satan. Because of the power that was bestowed in me when Jesus Christ sacrificed His life on the cross for my sins. No longer should I act like a victim, because I have been set free by the blood of the lamb (Christ). No principality, nor past circumstance, nor negative thoughts or words can rule anymore in my life. There is no room for bitterness or self-doubt.  I thank God I am finally free!”

Now rejoice, yes, I said, rejoice!

Going forward, whenever the enemy tries to remind you of your past, of which Christ has forgiven, shout, “I’m free!” Then rebuke that devil in Jesus’ name.

The time is now for the people of God to move into His promises.

Be blessed!

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