Thompson Shoppe Debut


Yes, there are really items for sale!  Some of you are aware and others are just learning that my household is pretty creative.  Today I would like to introduce you to two refurbished pieces completed by my husband, Jerrell Thompson.

Some know Jerrell as a pretty laid back guy with me appearing to be a bit more extroverted (this actually depends on who’s in the room ; )

Either way, this guy has been up to some pretty amazing stuff in my view and we need your support!

If either of these items interest you please submit an email to  We accept PayPal and cash for those in the Atlanta area. Depending on your feedback, you will see more of this!  God’s Blessings & Peace My Friends!

 Item #1

Mirror 1






 Before Picture:

Mirror Before

Item #2

Completed Table

Before Picture:

Before Table

Keep in mind, the end table can be painted in any color that you desire, you just have to email your preference.

We hope to hear from you soon!