What Should You Turn Off at the End of the Night?

Mind - on off image

I was watching “Family Feud” the other day, hosted by Steve Harvey (hilarious I know).  Either way, one response to a question stuck with me.  The question was, “What do you turn off at the end of the night?”  Most responses were as expected, “the lights” or “your TV”, “cell phone”, etc.

Then one woman responded, “Your Mind!”  This really struck me and I was thinking, surely this would not be on the board, but I was wrong.  I, then, began to think to myself, “Well, does my mind turn off at the end of the night?” “I don’t think it does.” “Well sometimes the Holy Spirit speaks to me at night, but wait a minute that’s different – as a matter of fact it could be an excuse”.  Let me explain.

While my Heavenly Father (how I refer to God) does give me revelation while I am sleeping and even wakes me at times, I knew that this was a completely separate issue.  As a matter of fact, I know that I have been victim to many rambling thoughts, so-called “planning for my next day”, but you know – all too soon, this alleged planning turns into worry and this, my friends, is not of God ( see Matthew 6: 25-34)!

God then, provided me with a visual image – as you can see, I attempted to draw it above.

This image displayed a box labeled as “mind” and this box featured a dial that could be switched from “on” to “off”. Many of you may be familiar with a phrase I have coined, “Your mind is a tool for you to use, not for you to be used by it.”  Well this phrase was revealed to me by God some time back and to this point here is something we should think about.  Tools provide the greatest benefit when the owner possesses knowledge on how to use them effectively; otherwise, they can feel “useless” or worse “detrimental”.

God allowed me to experience a series of negative thoughts, so salient, that I recognized them immediately!  I called my mind out on them, commanded my mind to stop thinking them, and shut my mind off so that I could rest.

Now if you are a creative person like me, you know that our synapses are often firing off new charges that provide outbursts of ideas so you’re thinking, “How can we possibly turn our minds off?” Well God’s response is: “Think Positive Thoughts.”  So off can equate to complete stillness/quietness/rest or it can mean think positive thoughts.

For a creative person (really we all were designed to be ; ), this means you get to imagine Your BEST LIFE, Your BEST YOU, and slip off to slumberland with thoughts of sugar plums and candy canes (well maybe not so much, but you get my gist).

So this is our order from God to regain control of our hijacked minds when we rest tonight and every other night: rest, turn your mind off, & think positive thoughts if you can’t be still; all while knowing, God’s got it all under control.

Be Blessed My Friends!