Protection through the Fiery Furnace!


I have been really pensive lately. Especially when trying to trust God despite adverse circumstances. Well God being God has a way of bringing things back to our remembrance to help us remember where God brought us from and to reflect on God’s grace and mercy.

When I was in pre-school or Kindergarten, I distinctly recall being afraid and fearful usually of some fictitious “boogie monster”. Well being  two years older than he – I often passed my fears onto my brother.

One night in particular, my brother and I were pretty riled up into our fears so much until I conjured up a recipe to keep us from this dreadful “boogie man”!

I told my brother that he should sleep in my room as the first step to keep the “boogie man”away. I, then, suggested that we keep the lamp on because light was the next line of defense.  Following,  I decided that we would have more light if we removed the shade and finally for ultimate protection,  it was necessary for us to put the shade-less lamp in the bed with us.

Well, that light bulb lying on our pillow in bed next to us caught fire while we were sleeping. The way this particular home was designed our bedrooms were on the complete opposite side of the house – we were separated from our parents’ master bedroom by a hallway, family room, and kitchen.

I recall being awake the next morning seated at my mother’s feet as she gently cut the singed pieces of hair from my head. My father was in the background saying that he came to check on my brother and I in the middle of the night out of routine.  Once he opened my bedroom door he saw my brother nestled in the corner of the bed lying against the wall, while I was lying on the pillow which was in flames.

It wasn’t until God brought this incident to remembrance the other day that I realized the significance of neither of us feeling the heat from the fire.

The miracle of walking away from the fire unscathed would have been more than enough, but our God being a God of overflow made it so that we slept peacefully through that terrible incident with no awareness of any danger.

As a matter of fact, God provided the biblical reference of Daniel 3 with the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego being not only thrown into the fiery furnance, living through it without one hair being singed, but an entire kingdom was converted & the three men were also rewarded by the king!

God’s providing this story as a reference makes me think about my own life as a living testimony and how this example is one of many about how my God has rescued me! I am more than happy to shout it from the rooftop about God’s goodness & mercy as I know full – well about it! Hallelujah,  my God is worthy to be praised!

If you don’t know Jesus,  do set up an appointment to meet Him today! I promise you will not be disappointed – as He provides a way for us all to get to The Father (God) and without Jesus and calvary we would all probably still have to offer living sacrifices at the altar.

Thank God for grace.

Blessings to You My Friends!

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Put Your Umbrella Away, the Sun is Out!

Isaiah 43:18-20 calls us to forget the former things and focus on the new things.  Said in modern language,  this text demonstrates that God acknowledges our past, yet He is letting us know that it is time to forget the past so that we might place our full, undivided attention on the present and be hopeful towards the future. 

I was speaking with one of my best Girlfriends yesterday and she and I collectively concluded that so many of us (humans) are seemingly down and out, even dismayed due to a continual resting in events that occurred during our pasts.

Specifically our hearts were grieving and praying for individuals who are suffering in adulthood due to incidents that occurred during their childhood. As we prayed for these individuals,  it reminded me that life is too short for us to even allow yesterday’s obstacle to keep us bogged down today.

Can’t you imagine God shaking His head as He is working in the fullness of love to present us with gifts today? Yet we don’t receive them, simply because we can’t see them for staring into photos of the tragedies of yesterday.

Understand me and understand me well as I say, this post in no way shape or form is written to discount anyone’s hurt or pain as it is an ever-pressing part of life.  I am, however,  suggesting that is important for you to grab hold of, call by name, and pull out by the root that which still binds you today, though it occurred yesterday.

Today is when the misappropriation of your anger, hurt, and confusion redirects to the spiritual war where it all originated. Remember the Bible cautions us that we do not fight against flesh & blood, but instead against many evil forces which reside in dark places.

I am praying for you and I am pushing you to walk into your freedom today!

Be blessed my Friends!

Hey Loser! This one’s for you ; )

As a loser, what have I gained?

 A sad story?                A new perspective?            A changed heart?

God is definitely in the heart changing business, but how you perceive your loss definitely depends on your perspective.

As a researcher – every time my peers and I work with a new group of girls, we ask the following question:

“Is life easy or is life hard?”

Without a shadow of doubt, an overwhelming portion of the group, if not all, will run to the side of the room that indicates life is hard when playing polar opposites.

And I have to say I agree…

at times.

I say, “at times” because for a huge part of my life I would experience joy and then worry about getting “too happy” – or I would follow the old saying, “don’t get your hopes up”. In fact, I worked hard not to get my hopes up – in anticipation of the next…


I mean really “too happy” sounds like an oxymoron to me.

This, my friends, is fear at it’s finest…Hahaha! Lol! Gotcha! – or at least that’s how it feels when you allow nasty thoughts to seep into your beautiful mind.

A former business mentor of mine, Mr. Robert Dean, is notorious for saying, “Don’t get your hopes up?!” “What am I supposed to do…keep my hopes low?!” “…and there you are walking around with these low hopes.”


‘Cause the devil is a liar.

Coming to the realization that I will be a loser for the rest of my life, I, Valencya Thompson, vow to relish in my victories to the fullest extent for …the rest of my life!

Won’t you join me?

We should shout in our victories because The Bible tells us that, “…in all these things, we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us,”(Romans 8:37, NIV).

That’s right I’ve said it before to you and I even have to make a mental note, at least once a day to myself, to not allow the words of others – or disappointment to stifle me. You know what I’m talking about…you arrive into your job, your school, a family member or friend’s house, and you are on Cloud 9. ; )  

After being in the building for one moment, someone gives you some bad news, or just says something negative (because he or she is unhappy). Then it starts… this state of pessimism tries to overcome you. If you’re wise enough, you recognize this spiritual attack, and you work to immediately replace those death-thoughts with thoughts of inspiration, encouragement – anything positive at all…and it’s hard! But, if you persist, you’ll soon learn that this, too, shall pass.

The enemy is fighting you and chanting, “Hey Loser!” “Yeah you!” Remember when that professor said he was going to correct your grade…turns out that was a lie.” Haha!” “What were you thinking?”. “What will people think of you now?”





Whew that was tough. I can see myself sweating just thinking about it. If this is you (feel free to insert your personal experience above ; )

Because the truth of the matter is, when you have lost – you are relatable. When you have lost – those who come behind you, will know that they, too, can achieve. When you have lost – you will gain perspective on recognizing when times are good, and that those times are to be appreciated and celebrated.

Most importantly, when you have lost – you will recognize that you are and have been tremendously blessed, and that our Heavenly Father does indeed love you!

So now….


Let’s celebrate!