The “Dream”

Keep Moving!

Keep Moving!

I was in a setting with a group of people who I don’t care to deal with much anymore.  The individual in charge was waiting on someone to preach, but it was apparent that this person was never going to show up.  The individual in charge was looking at me indicating that she wanted me to preach.  And I was ready because God placed an apparent sermon in my heart, but I needed to search for a scripture.

Well as I began to search, apparently some of my peers were growing restless so someone finally blurted out one.  Though I knew I could make it work, it is important to note that at the same time the scripture was blurted out, I knew what subject to search for my scripture under.  I tried to yell over the crowd to the individual in charge, but I made no effort to search for it myself, I just used what was provided. 

I should also say that a couple of friends who I view as an awesome support system were present .  Either way, there was a very small crowd, as a matter of fact, I am unable to recall any residents of the facility present.  The chapel was designed differently.  Instead of there being a wall beside the exit doors, there was a big black curtain serving as a partition. 

Back to the sermon, the word that God gave me was so powerful; yet I had to fight my way through some serious physical challenges to get it out.  I was badly congested, so much until I was sniffing in the mic the entire time.  I was coughing, taking huge gasps of air, and apologizing in between.  Either way, the people who were at odds with me began to act inappropriately, collectively got up, and exited the room just as I was reaching the climax of my sermon.  They also did so very noisily. 

In front of the partition it appeared as though “they” were the crowd and that only two or three remained.  For some reason the Holy Spirit had me walk to the back of the room where the opening of the partition was before my peers walked out so that I might preach at the rear of the room.  Over time, a huge crowd drew beyond the partition as though there were no walls in the lobby of this facility. 

I mean there were masses and masses of people coming to hear me preach, as though the city was coming.  There were people of all ethnicities and age ranges thirsting to hear this direct Word of God.

At the end of the dream, the Holy Spirit interpreted, “if you wait to respond to the people you can see (such as the “firefighters” who come to put out your passion – phrase coined by John C. Maxwell) who do not support you, you will miss out on all of the people I sent you for (clearly thousands)!

Stay focused my friends!  God shall not be mocked! Whatever arena God has called you to “minister” in this life, never allow immediate gratification or approval of others to determine your obedience and effectiveness.  Now let’s go!

Blessings & Peace.