Girls > Sex Entry #3: Under 12 Years of Age Provided $ for Sex

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Today I had the privilege of streaming service of “The Church” (church led by Pastors Jasper W. Williams III and Alecia Williams) and as God would have it today’s service was directly applicable to our “Girls > Sex” project.  It has been a while since I have visited a service at “The Church”, but true to what I have experienced in the past the Pastors featured a panel during Sunday worship that provided integral information to our community.

This information touched an array of topics dealing with CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children) and longing for absent fathers.  Of particular interest to me was a female panelist (Dorsey sp?) in her 40s who candidly shared the trauma of her childhood with the congregants and listeners streaming online.  

Dorsey shared details of a physically present mother, but one who along with her father abandoned her due to drug addictions.  At an early age, Dorsey was molested &/raped by her mother’s boyfriend.  Specifically before, or around the age of 12 years, Dorsey’s sex offender provided her with a $20 bill prior to committing his heinous act upon her body.  This action confused her, but it was the beginning of Dorsey’s prostitution, as she termed it, but thank God someone interjected and stated that children cannot be considered as prostitutes.  This individual more appropriately suggested that children are instead the victims of sexual exploitation.  

As many have, Dorsey indicated that in her mother’s home she and her other siblings lived an impoverished lifestyle with many days and nights without electricity and food.  One comment comes to mind as Dorsey recalled a $400 electricity bill while providing sexual services at $20/$30 per occurrence.  This indicated that she endured a lot of abuse in efforts to survive childhood.  If my memory serves me correctly, Dorsey stated that by the age of 12 she experienced 49 sexual partners, mostly adult men. Dorsey also indicated that she was from a very small town and the abuse she experienced was known by many; yet the men willingly “passed her around”.  

Despite many dark days, Dorsey was able to hitchhike her way from a rural town in Georgia to Norfolk, Virginia to reunite with relatives who clothed and housed her.  Though guilt brought a young Dorsey back home to Georgia, she eventually returned to Norfolk and attributes her success to family and friends of the family alike who provided her with food, shelter, and clothing for many years.  Dorsey was able to successfully graduate from high school; yet she believed that her poor GPA would not afford her the opportunity to attend anyone’s college. 

As God would have it, Dorsey became zealous in her desire to pursue college, and pressed her way through many closed doors to become a student at Morris Brown University.  Dorsey is even a happily married woman with children, and a published author.  She attributes her purposeful and happy life to the love of God and positive role models, including men who never violated her.  

 The panel concluded with Atlanta Radio Personality, KD Bowe, and Pastor Jasper among others’ discussion of the role that a child’s longing for his or her father can play on that child’s life throughout adulthood.  This seemed applicable as Dorsey even commented that in her 40s she stills cries about her father’s absence in her life.  Dorsey and the panelists suggest that a good and present father can save his family from trauma such as what was experienced in this situation. With an absent father, I, too, can relate to this story.  

Other topics discussed included the role of media, the immediate availability of pornography to our children due to internet access on many technological devices, especially phones.  KD Bowe even shared a story about how social media sites that seem harmless can expose a child to pornography.  Specifically a recent television show stars’ leaked sex tape was shared on many social media platforms that children are accessing.  This activity sometimes occurs unbeknownst to parents.  My favorite comment (paraphrased) from KD Bowe was that, “every time I click on pornography, I am supporting it and lining the pockets of those who create it.  I can assure that no young girl says that she wants to be a pornstar when she grows up.  It is only after she has been violated in someway that she enters into this role.” 

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I pray that this story will speak out to you and that you will fight in your own way to save our children and our families from sexual exploitation!

God Bless! Push!