Protection through the Fiery Furnace!


I have been really pensive lately. Especially when trying to trust God despite adverse circumstances. Well God being God has a way of bringing things back to our remembrance to help us remember where God brought us from and to reflect on God’s grace and mercy.

When I was in pre-school or Kindergarten, I distinctly recall being afraid and fearful usually of some fictitious “boogie monster”. Well being  two years older than he – I often passed my fears onto my brother.

One night in particular, my brother and I were pretty riled up into our fears so much until I conjured up a recipe to keep us from this dreadful “boogie man”!

I told my brother that he should sleep in my room as the first step to keep the “boogie man”away. I, then, suggested that we keep the lamp on because light was the next line of defense.  Following,  I decided that we would have more light if we removed the shade and finally for ultimate protection,  it was necessary for us to put the shade-less lamp in the bed with us.

Well, that light bulb lying on our pillow in bed next to us caught fire while we were sleeping. The way this particular home was designed our bedrooms were on the complete opposite side of the house – we were separated from our parents’ master bedroom by a hallway, family room, and kitchen.

I recall being awake the next morning seated at my mother’s feet as she gently cut the singed pieces of hair from my head. My father was in the background saying that he came to check on my brother and I in the middle of the night out of routine.  Once he opened my bedroom door he saw my brother nestled in the corner of the bed lying against the wall, while I was lying on the pillow which was in flames.

It wasn’t until God brought this incident to remembrance the other day that I realized the significance of neither of us feeling the heat from the fire.

The miracle of walking away from the fire unscathed would have been more than enough, but our God being a God of overflow made it so that we slept peacefully through that terrible incident with no awareness of any danger.

As a matter of fact, God provided the biblical reference of Daniel 3 with the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego being not only thrown into the fiery furnance, living through it without one hair being singed, but an entire kingdom was converted & the three men were also rewarded by the king!

God’s providing this story as a reference makes me think about my own life as a living testimony and how this example is one of many about how my God has rescued me! I am more than happy to shout it from the rooftop about God’s goodness & mercy as I know full – well about it! Hallelujah,  my God is worthy to be praised!

If you don’t know Jesus,  do set up an appointment to meet Him today! I promise you will not be disappointed – as He provides a way for us all to get to The Father (God) and without Jesus and calvary we would all probably still have to offer living sacrifices at the altar.

Thank God for grace.

Blessings to You My Friends!

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Girls > Sex Entry 1: “Words from an Overcomer” – Sex Addiction



In the most unlikely circumstance, I have been privileged to cross paths with an 86 year old man who feels a calling to share his story with overcoming what he attributes to be a spiritual battle with sex. He has requested to remain anonymous, but feels so strongly about this calling that if any man desired to converse with him due to an experience with this same struggle, he is willing to make himself available. If this is you, please feel free to submit a message to the following email address, GIRLSGTSEX@GMAIL.COM. Your email questions/concerns will be provided to him and replied to accordingly. Below is his story in his own words. ~V. Thompson

I know for a fact that I was in bondage to a pornography addiction.  During this time in my life, Satan was in control.  Satan gave me the exact words to say to get a woman to do whatever I wanted her to do for me.  I learned how to manipulate women to do whatever I wanted as I viewed them as objects for my sole pleasure. I am now proud to say at 86 years old that I was saved at the age of 55 and I know that God has called me to share my story with young men so that they might avoid the lifestyle that I succumbed to live.  Here is my story.

When I was 4 years old my father shot my mother and committed suicide.  Consequently, after losing both of my parents, I was raised by my Grandmother.  My Grandmother abused me and eventually placed me in an orphanage because I frequently ran away.

At age 18, a man at work gave me my first “dirty book”.  Having never been to a church, being very angry at women and God, and not knowing love, I looked for love in sex.  Satan told me, “the next woman you have sex with, will surely love you.” I got my first sex partner pregnant and had to marry her.  She ran around and so we divorced.  My second wife married me to get away from abuse.

I even chose an apparent happily married woman to seduce.  Satan taught me what to say and what to do and so I lived two lives.  At first it was exciting, but the lives and neglect of my two children, my wife, and my job became overwhelming.

My second wife and I divorced when the kids were grown.  I then married one of the women I had seduced.  She had sex with me to get even with her husband.  Between marriages, I had a PO Box for correspondence with swingers, watching X-rated movies, and group sex. The need kept building…peeping Tom and stalking.  If I hadn’t had a good job for years that I loved, I believe I could have gone into causing physical harm.

Every serial killer started on porn.  At age 55, in deep depression and my third marriage failing, I gave up on life.  My father’s suicide kept me from doing that, but I did consider pretending to be crazy to get away from what I had become.

Then a man led me to Christ, but didn’t follow up.  The Holy Spirit came to me and said if I stayed in the marriage, He would find us a Christian counselor and a discipliner to help me exchange my old mind patterns for thoughts about Jesus, study the Bible, and truly love my wife.  It took some time, but I believe I could never have been clean, and safe and sane without Christ, and a discipliner.  I could have caught and given away many different diseases over the years and I thank Him for that protection. I am 86 now and I love Him so much because He forgave me so much and set me free to live again.  I would be willing to do one-on-one mentoring to help bring any man away from that hell.


The Amazing Race! A Testament to God’s Amazing Grace: Shannon’s Story

This evening marked an eventful moment on this amazing quest I have been privileged to journey on by Almighty God! My daily experiences have been so remarkable that I have no choice other than to call this “The Amazing Race”.

I have been privileged to meet so many phenomenal people on my journey with God and this story is dedicated to one who touched my heart in such a profound way that I am certain my life has been impacted forever.

This story is about my new friend Shannon who is a seminarian at the Candler School of Theology. Shannon is known by his infectious smile, and seemingly ever-permanent positive demeanor. Shannon is one of those remarkable individuals whose personality shines so brightly that it lights up an entire room the moment his feet hit the floor.

Well, I had the privilege of walking on a brisk cold evening with Shannon along with another friend, Ruth. Engaged in conversation, Shannon explained that he was parked at the hospital and we would need to walk a little ways to get to his car. Thankful that Shannon was willing to drive Ruth and I to our car which was too far away for a comfortable walk, Ruth and I had no complaints here.
I did ask if parking was more reasonable at the hospital versus the other lot. Shannon replied, “no I don’t think so, but it works out that I have to come over here in between classes for chemo and God worked it out as such that I get validated parking here.” Ruth and Shannon chuckle. I force myself to mimic their chuckles as well while I am looking at Shannon, a middle-aged white male, tall in stature with a graying full head of hair as exuberant as ever. My first assumption is that perhaps he means that he ministers to those undergoing chemotherapy, but Shannon never says this. I, then, wait some more for him to say, “Just kidding” and he never does. Whew..Shannon’s offering has completely floored Ruth and me as we are instantaneously reminded of how small our problems are and that we don’t have a thing to complain about. Shannon even shared that his hair recently grew back.

The remainder of our walk and car ride is centered on meaningful conversation and intimate sharing. I can vividly recall Shannon’s take on parenting and how fast children grow up and how “a good portion of life is just bull-shit distractions; there are very rare moments of meaningfulness because we are taught by society to focus on things that do not matter.” Did I mention that Shannon commutes from Athens to attend the Candler School of Theology (one hour and 45 minutes drive) and for his treatments?
Once we truly comprehend the fullness of God and understand better how to focus on things above, we will then realize what things are completely invaluable in our day-to-days and how it is important to pursue these moments alone.

To God Be the Glory for the things He has done!

I pray that you will be inspired…I know I have.